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Novum Graphics light up London Armani

Novum Graphics light up London Armani

We were over the moon when Armani approached us to produce these unique panels for their London branch. The brand and shops are so iconic, we leapt at the chance to work with them to create something truly special.

Using duratrans panels, we created these eye-catching floor-to-ceiling displays using our Direct To Media large format print services. The backlit panels, with our expert print finish, help create a luxurious environment, ideal for this brand.

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  1. Emma Coakes says:

    They really are very striking, nice job. Did you make the whole panels complete with the back-lighting? I think this is going to be a real growth area, particularly with the rise in popularity of the pop-up shop. These could be moved to another location really easily, yet they look as much part of the shop as a permanent display.

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